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12 Tender Killers - stage play
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enorcsi wrote in toshiverse
Toshi-chan is promoting a stage play called 12 Tender Killers (12 no Yasashii Koroshiya). It's going to be played in Aoyama between August 16-24.
The play has been done before, last year, but this time Toshi also has a role, and he says he will be doing his best! ^^

12 no Yasashii Koroshiya is based on a manga with the same name, which is about the No.1 host of a host club, who is also a member of a mysterious group, where he has the role of an assassin. Toshi will be playing one of the hostsmaybe?? I wanna see!

You can find the first 7 chapters of the manga here.


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